Heavy Copper

Heavy Copper

Heavy Copper

Heavy Copper Printed Circuit Boards are widely used in applications where high current carrying capacity, improved thermal management, and enhanced reliability are essential. To ensure the optimum printed circuit board performance, material selection is critical.

PICA offers heavy copper up to 12 ounces in volume production. We offer expert guidance for material selection for optimum Printed Circuit Board performance. We offer Selective/ Pattern Plating to desired copper thickness. 

At PICA we use these parameters to select the right materials: High -Tg, CTE matching, proper lamination processes, via-hole drill and plating, solder mask, pattern plating, substrate and foil considerations and of course strict process and quality controls.

By working closely with our customers’ engineers and designers we can advise them on the best and most manufacturable designs to achieve the required heavy copper thickness of their printed circuit boards.

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