EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) Shielding

EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) Shielding

EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) Shielding

EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) Shielding is used to reduce or block the electromagnetic radiation emitted by electronic devices or systems as well as preventing external electromagnetic radiation from entering and interfering with these devices. EMI materials work by providing a conductive barrier that absorbs or reflects electromagnetic waves, preventing them from propagating through the material and reaching sensitive components.

PICA will work with the customers’ designs and engineers to help find the best and most effective EMI shielding materials or options. 

The EMI shielding solutions we offer include silver, copper, and film based on the requirements not only of signal transmission but the dynamics of flex circuits. Included in these solutions are a number of low-cost shielding films as well as TATSUA.

The effectiveness of EMI shielding materials depends on various factors including the frequency of electromagnetic radiation, the material’s conductivity, and the design of the shielding applications.

At PICA, we collaborate closely with our customers to deliver highly effective EMI shielding materials and solutions tailored to meet the demands of signal transmission and dynamic flex requirements of each customer.

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