Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards

Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards

Product/Tech Description
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  • September 1, 2023

Specialized circuit boards made up of metal cores of aluminum or copper sandwiched between a layer of dielectric and copper traces. They are designed to enhance the thermal performance of electronic components and for heat dissipation. The metal core acts as a heatsink to improve thermal conductivity and heat distribution.


Heat Dissipation: MCPCBS dissipate heat efficiently. The metal core acts as a heat sink spreading the heat created by the components over a wider area on the board’s surface to prevent overheating and providing more reliable operation of electronic components.

Improved Reliability: They maintain cooler heat management. By maintaining lower temperatures MCPCB’s contribute to improved reliability and longevity of electronic devices. Cooler components experienced less stress and are less prone to failure due to thermal expansion and solder joint fatigue.

Thermal Management: MCPBS provide better thermal management capabilities and improved CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) which allows better function of heat generating components and enables the designing in of higher power components.


MCPCBS are used in the following applications:

  • Medical Devices: Where precise and exact electronic components are required, and thermal management is critical.
  • Automotive Electronics: Offering thermal management in rugged and heat prone environments.
  • LED Lighting: Controlling and lowering the heat generated by LEDs.
  • Power Supplies: Devices that generate power and thus heat by helping to lower that heat.
  • Consumer Electronics: Audio amplifiers, RF Modules, solar invertors, and computer hardware including date storage.

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