System Level Assemblies

System Level Assemblies

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  • September 7, 2023

System level assemblies like box builds and turnkey refer to the manufacturing and integration of complete electronic systems or products rather than individual components.

Box Builds

Box Builds refers to the assembly of electronic components, sub-assemblies, and other necessary parts into a finished enclosure or “Box”. The Box can be a literal box or chassis that contains all the required components and connections to make the product functional. The process involves the integration of various subsystems such as PCBs, wiring, connectors, displays, controls, power supplies, and sometimes software to create a fully operational unit.

Turnkey Assemblies

Turnkey Assemblies encompasses not only the physical assembly of products, but also the complete management of the manufacturing process, from design to delivery. In a turnkey arrangement the customer hands over the entire project to a single contractor or manufacturer who takes responsibility for everything including procurement, assembly, testing and sometimes even product design.

Box Build Benefits

Simplified Supply Chain Management: By going to one supplier the supply chain is reduced and thus allows the OEM to focus instead on their core competencies.

Faster Time to Market: The assembly process is streamlined and done by experts and thus reducing greatly the time to market. Everyone is focused on what they are best at.

Improved Quality Control: By entrusting the assembly to experts with experience and quality systems the final product is more likely to meet high-quality standards.

Reduced Overall Costs: Due to increased expertise and efficiency the price of outsourcing the bob builds is reduced.

Turnkey Assembly Benefits

Single Point of Responsibility: The customer has one contact handling all aspects of the project, simplifying communications and coordination:

Design Expertise: Time and cost efficiencies: Turnkey providers have in-house design capabilities which can lead to better integration and optimization of the product.

Time and Cost Efficiency: The providers already have supply chain relationships allowing for faster material sourcing and reduced overall costs.

Risk Mitigation: The provider is accountable for the entire project reducing the customer’s risk in terms of product quality and delivery


Consumer electronics: Such as smartphones, tablets, home devices and gaming consoles.

Medical devices: monitoring systems, diagnostics.

Industrial equipment: Automation systems, control panels, and robotics.

Telecommunications: routers, switches, communication devices.

OEMs:  want to outsource production processes of their product so they can focus on their own core competencies.

Startups and small businesses: Who have limited resources and experience.

Complex systems: Projects involving intricate electronic systems, where design, assembly, and testing need close collaboration for optimal performance.

For more specific and detailed information about system level assemblies and PICA’s experience and capabilities click here.

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