Ultra-Thin Flexible Printed Circuits

Ultra-Thin Flexible Printed Circuits

Ultra-Thin Flexible Printed Circuits

PICA Manufacturing provides our customers with Ultra-Thin Flexible Printed Circuit Boards using 3 µm Copper on 25 µm polyimide or 18 µm copper on 12.5 µm polyimide.
Two-layer Flexible Printed Circuit Boards as thin as 0.20mm +/-.08mm thick. When space and weight are critical for products for the wearable and medical markets among others. Special design parameters are called for when building this technology and the key process components must be used throughout the fabrication process.

This cutting-edge technology requires special expertise and processes including photolithography (Direct Imaging) to create very fine-line copper traces and spaces. Tightly controlled etching and plating processes as well as testing and inspection.

Producing ultra-thin flex circuits with such specific requirements requires specialized equipment, materials, and expertise. Strict process control parameters are needed to assure that all quality and technology requirements are met throughout the entire process of the Flex Printed Circuit.

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