The PICA team is laser focused on helping you bring your ideas from design to delivery with engineer-driven solutions, impeccable service, and a dependable supply chain network.

Let us help you bring your idea to market.

The PICA Way

Get it Right the First Time.

PICA Manufacturing Solutions is a leader in the Flex PCB and electronics manufacturing categories with unmatched engineering support, customer service and manufacturing oversight. Where other PCB suppliers deliver just parts, PICA is committed to developing a true partnership that ensures the product is designed better, built to be produced on time, and ultimately manufactured correctly.

Our team’s manufacturing expertise and unique approach ensure a smooth efficient process from design all the way to delivery. We know what’s available. We’ve seen the pitfalls. And we have built in-house resources that help you stay ahead of costly issue and away from delays.

The HUMAN Touch

Real People—Real Solutions

Behind all of your interactions with PICA is a real human and a team that always has your back. We’re a family-owned business that goes above and beyond to understand your needs, eliminate problems, and treat you just like that – family.

Market Segments

Lindsay Irving choice #1

We are a large family at PICA, literally and figuratively.

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We want you to take a look at what we can produce for you by offering you a PICAKit which includes a variety of flexible pcb, shields, and flat flexible cables.