Integrate Circuit Substrate Carrier

IC Substrate Carrier

Integrate Circuit Substrate Carrier

PICA produces normal substrate carriers with 30/30 um (R&D with 20/20um with vias 50um). Laser size can be defined as needed.

We participate in material selection recommending suitable materials to be used  with a very high Tg, 250 to 300 degrees C and a very low x7y CTE 2-5ppm/C

By acting as our customers’ technical consultants and advisors we are involved in design rules including design for manufacturing. 

We have a wide variety of laminates we can recommend to our customers including BT, Ceramic material with tiny sized dimensions.

By using PICA’s team of experts you can take full advantage of our knowledge and ability when it comes to dimension specification, Vias, High Tg (Glass Transition Temperature), Low CTE, Design rules, and material options.

At PICA we have produced hundreds of thousands of advanced substrates for integrated circuits with specific characteristics to meet demanding requirements. By recommending the right combination of high Tg, low CTE and careful design rules we can contribute to the reliability and performance of your components and systems.