Blind and Buried Microvias

Blind and Buried Microvias

Blind and Buried Microvias

Our customers require blind and buried Microvias to achieve higher density and more complex interconnections. This technology requires creating smaller holes and vias in the PCN substrate to establish connections throughout the board.

Blind Microvias connect the outermost layer of the PCB to one or more inner layers but do not extend all the way through the board creating a connection between specific layers.

Buried Microvias are entirely contained within the inner layers of the board without connecting to the outer layers or affecting the surface of the board.

These techniques are useful when dealing with densely packed components and complex circuitry. It helps reduce the number of routing traces on the outer layers, enabling higher density of components and traces which is critical as products get smaller and denser.

PICA uses specialized processes to ensure that the very highest technology blind and buried microvia technology is achieved. 

These include Laser Drilling, Vapor Formation, Dielectric material application, and layer stacking and lamination.

The use of lasers in this process is critical for controlling the via size shape and depth and creating reliable connections in complex and densely packed circuitry while minimizing the risk on interference, cross talk and shorting.

PICA acts as the customer’s technical consulting partner when producing this product including offering design and ease of manufacturing advice.