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Flexible Printed Circuit

Flexible Printed Circuits ( Flexible PCB ) are made of thin dielectric substrate & high ductility metal foil, flexible pcb can be bent or folded and used in static and dynamic applications.

Rigid Flexible Circuit

Rigid Flex construction consists of rigid and flexible substrate laminated together into a single circuit. Plated through holes provide the electrical connection between the different layers.

Flexible Printed Circuit Assembly

We have always been focused on flexible circuit applications, so we have expertise in the design, fabrication, and assembly to deliver a reliable solution for any FPC application.

Fine Line Circuitry

PICA Manufacturing Solutions has invested in Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) capability to manufacture high reliability flex circuits.

Global Leader In Manufacturing Flexible Printed Circuits

At PICA Manufacturing Solutions we have the capabilities to produce short and large production runs exceeding a million units produced a year, of flex pcb, rigid flexible circuits, printed circuit boards, flat flexible cables and flexible heaters. With over 22 years in business, over 30 years of experience, and millions of circuits and other applications produced we are confident in our abilities to produce the best products on the market.

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Our mission is to help our customers succeed in their efforts to bring their innovative products to the market in a timely and cost effective manner. We do this by applying our extensive engineering and manufacturing experience with electronic interconnect products; flexible pcb, flat flex cable, and flexible circuit assembly.

What Industries Do We Serve

Our circuits are produced & used in a plethora of different applications ranging in many markets from consumer electronics to high tech medical equipment.

Consumer products and computers have become omnipresent in our daily lives. Yet the circuit technologies behind these are some of the most complex designs produced today. PICA has been involved with the engineering development of over a billion dollars in products to support the hand-held markets. With over 14 years supporting interconnect developments in the smartphone industry, PICA has extensive experience with all the various designs used in products such as Smartphones, PDA’s, tablets, and computers. Whether you’re working with PCB’s, Flexible printed circuits or Rigid- Flex circuits, PICA provides quality and time-tested expertise.

Popular medical products include diagnostic devices, cardiovascular devices, infusion pumps, CT/MRI machines, and dental equipment.  Due to extensive regulations, the ability to work within the framework of the FDA requirements is key to the success of any company in this growing market. With local offices in key medical markets, ISO 13485:2003 accredited factories, and a history of success developing and supplying interconnect solutions, PICA is uniquely qualified to assist medical product OEMS.

Today’s market forces often push traditional flexes into high stress environments. These harsh conditions require careful upfront planning for both rugged and robust flex constructions. A thorough review and consideration of materials are critical for a flex that will last for years in the field.  Some of the industries we serve:  Industrial Printers, Automation and Control, Down-Hole/High-Temp Environments, Gas Detection.

Wearable technologies are exploding with innovations in health care, education, fitness training, and our broader lives. Most of these new products are good examples of the internet of things (IoT). Common to these applications are wireless connectivity and a small form factor.  PICA has been involved in the packaging design and development for many of these new products providing flex and rigid-flex circuitry.  Our main advantage in this space is our deep knowledge of the smaller form factor devices honed in the smartphone industry.

US and Asia suppliers of LED lighting are rapidly creating new products in this market with printed circuit solutions quickly evolving.  To compete you need an experienced partner to aid in the development and introduction of new products. With our established printed circuit manufacturing and technical resources in the US and Asia, PICA is staffed to assist engineers at every step: designing for optimum manufacturing, selecting cost effective materials, and establishing a dependable supply chain. PICA has even developed a bendable metal clad laminate for using our process and application knowledge.

Nowadays businesses, governments, and people all require greater security. The growth in video surveillance demands high speed imaging with cameras that can achieve greater viewing angles. This has created a need for dynamic impedance controlled flex circuits. PICA has led the way designing thin, flexible, impedance controlled designs and maintains a vast empirical database to draw upon. Our designs are considered to be the most reliable in the industry. As the security market moves toward wireless devices, the trend toward ever smaller form factor devices will drive the need for more flex circuit solutions.

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