Dynamic Flex

Dynamic Flex

Dynamic Flex

Dynamic Flex Printed Circuits are able to undergo repeated bending and flexing without degradation in performance. This is particularly important in applications where the circuit will experience the movement of bending throughout its’ operational life.

Our expertise in this area includes the design and fabrication of flexible circuits that excel in dynamic performance, air gap implementation (creating small gaps or spaces between layers of the circuit), copper grain direction optimization (copper has preferred grain direction which is the direction in which the crystal structure aligns during manufacturing) and bending endurance. The boards must have the ability to sustain up to one million times of bending during the life of the board.

The boards must also support 90-degree and 180-degree bends no less than 10 times.

The boards are tested to assure that the have the reliability to be able to handle of the customers bending and flexing requirements by using special testing apparatus designed to simulate the mechanical stresses that the board will see throughout its’ operational life.

PICA’s area of expertise in this area has proven over the years as we have successfully fabricated thousands of dynamic flex circuit boards. 

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