Dynamic Flex

Dynamic Flex Printed Circuits are able to undergo repeated bending and flexing without degradation in performance. This is particularly important in applications where the circuit will experience the movement of bending throughout its’ operational life. Our expertise in this area includes the design and fabrication of flexible circuits that excel in dynamic performance, air gap implementation… READ MORE

Extra-long FPC (Flex Printed Circuits/ Printed Circuit Boards)

PICA manufacturing has the unique capability to provide our customers with extra-long FPC and PCBs as long as 1.2 M (47.2 inches), making us one of the few suppliers who can provide boards this size. We can provide these boards by having extra-large window exposure equipment designed to handle this size of the board (special… READ MORE

Ultra-Thin Flexible Printed Circuits

PICA Manufacturing provides our customers with Ultra-Thin Flexible Printed Circuit Boards using 3 µm Copper on 25 µm polyimide or 18 µm copper on 12.5 µm polyimide.Two-layer Flexible Printed Circuit Boards as thin as 0.20mm +/-.08mm thick. When space and weight are critical for products for the wearable and medical markets among others. Special design parameters… READ MORE

R2R (Reel to Reel Processing)

PICA Manufacturing can produce and ship your boards in a number of variations including R2R (Reel to Reel) products which are shipped in reel form or in very high production volumes. We are able to define materials, hold tight tolerances (+/- 2mils, dimstab control (subjected to MD/TD properties and demanding cosmetic requirements. Additionally, we offer… READ MORE

Fineline PCB (High Density Interconnect)

As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, the demand for smaller, faster, and more powerful electronic devices has reached an all-time high. This is where Fineline PCB / High Density Interconnect (HDI) PCB Electronics Manufacturing comes into play, revolutionizing the world of electronics. These cutting-edge circuit boards are becoming the go-to solution for… READ MORE

Blind and Buried Microvias

Blind and buried vias are essential components in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design, enabling complex electrical connections within layers of a circuit board while optimizing space in compact electronic devices. These vias require creating tiny apertures and pathways in the substrate, typically comprised of FR-4 or other high-performance materials, to facilitate seamless connections throughout the… READ MORE

Integrate Circuit Substrate Carrier

PICA produces normal substrate carriers with 30/30 um (R&D with 20/20um with vias 50um). Laser size can be defined as needed. We participate in material selection recommending suitable materials to be used  with a very high Tg, 250 to 300 degrees C and a very low x7y CTE 2-5ppm/C By acting as our customers’ technical… READ MORE

EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) Shielding

EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) Shielding is used to reduce or block the electromagnetic radiation emitted by electronic devices or systems as well as preventing external electromagnetic radiation from entering and interfering with these devices. EMI materials work by providing a conductive barrier that absorbs or reflects electromagnetic waves, preventing them from propagating through the material and… READ MORE

Heavy Copper

Heavy Copper Printed Circuit Boards are widely used in applications where high current carrying capacity, improved thermal management, and enhanced reliability are essential. To ensure the optimum printed circuit board performance, material selection is critical. PICA offers heavy copper up to 12 ounces in volume production. We offer expert guidance for material selection for optimum… READ MORE

Impedance Control

Impedance Control is the measure of the opposition that an electrical circuit presents to the flow of alternating current (AC). It is a combination of resistance, inductance, and capacitance and it is represented as a complex value with both magnitude and phase.   Impedance is a crucial parameter in high-frequency and digital signal transmission as it… READ MORE

X-Ray Inspection (On-Site Service)

Click here or call us at 1.800.344.4685 to request our x-ray on-site inspection services or to speak with one of our technician specialists for more information about our capabilities and reoccurring customer pricing.  Request Service By strategically investing in X-ray inspection technology, PICA has not only opened doors of opportunity for itself but also for a… READ MORE

Thermal Management

Thermal Management is a crucial consideration in electronic devices to ensure they operate within safe temperature ranges and maintain optimal performance and reliability. Both thermal vias and copper inlays / embedded solutions are effective methods of enhancing heat transfer and dissipation of circuit boards PICA provides a number of thermal management solutions to reduce heat… READ MORE

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