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PICAKit - PICA Product Sample Kit

While flex technology has existed for many years, engineers may not always be familiar with its intricacies. To make informed decisions, it is crucial for them to physically interact with and experience the products firsthand. This led to the development of PICAkit by PICA Manufacturing Solutions, a collection of samples designed to showcase our cutting-edge technology.

Each sample in the Picakit collection measures 1 inch x 5 inches, providing a tangible and standardized format for engineers to assess and evaluate our technology. The samples feature unique constructions tailored for diverse applications, including highly dynamic scenarios, increased current demands, high-current applications, impedance control, and EMI shielding.

Highly Dynamic

Adhesiveless base/High ductility copper, thin coverlay, neutral axis construction

Increase Current

Thicker dielectric and copper weight

High Current

Heavy weight copper and thick dielectric

Impedance Control

Stripline impedance construction with one signal layer and two copper ground planes

EMI/Impedance Control Conductive Film

Stripline impedance construction with one signal layer and two advanced EMI shielding film

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