PICA Design and Engineering Capabilities

At PICA, we offer advanced Design and Engineering Capabilities using state-of-the-art technology. Below are our capabilities in Layout Design Advantage, Design Experience, and Layout Software Tools. For more information on PICA’s design & engineering capabilities, please fill out the form below to request the full PDF capabilities download or click the button to contact a PICA engineer.

Layout Design Advantage

  • Application Engineer Assigned to Each Design Project
  • 24/7 Application Engineering & Design Support
  • PCB Designs for Consumer, Medical, Industrial, Safety & Security, and Wearable Market Applications
  • Manufacturability Built into Each Design (DFM)
  • Documentation Package Creation (Including Fabrication & Assembly)

Design Experience

  • Impedance Control Modeling for Signal Integrity
  • High Frequency Signals
  • R-Flex Designs
  • HDI Designs
  • BGA & Micro-BGA Layouts
  • EMI Shielding Using Advanced Materials
  • Thermal Management Using Metal Core or Metallized Substrates
  • Etched Foil Heater Flex Design

Dresign & Layout Software Tools

  • Altium Designer
  • IGI Profl ex (FPC Layout)
  • AutoCAD Mechanical Design Package
  • CAM350 Manufacturing Set-up
  • Output Gerber 274-X

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