Rigid Flex Circuits

Printed Circuit Boards play an important role in all electronic products. They are the fundamental building block for interconnecting electronic devices. PICA offers most types of rigid printed circuit boards; Impedance controlled circuits, HDI constructions, high temperature (Tg>170°), metal clad, high frequency, and heavy copper boards.

PICA offers design assistance combined with Asian sourcing and local product support from our regional offices to provide reliable and cost effective solutions for our customers.

Rigid Flex Circuits Benefits

  • Improved Connection Reliability
  • Lower Part Count (Eliminate connectors, jumpers, & stiffeners, fewer PCBs)
  • Flexible Design Options
  • High Density (SMT permissible on both sides)
 Package Size and Weight Reduction

Special Features & Performances

  • Minimal geometry changes reduce impedance discontinuities
  • Light-weight, ultra-reliable packaging technology
  • Three-dimensional substrate
  • Surface mountable on one or both sides of the circuit
  • Combines the benefits of a PCB and FPC into one circuit

Rigid Flex Special Processes

  • Thin adhesive & adhesiveless substrates down to 12µm Cu & PI
  • Adhesive-based cover layer & LPI soldermask options
  • LDI print process for both circuit & solder-mask exposure
  • Impedance modelling, characterization, and control
  • Custom shielding films
  • Button plating and air-gap constructions for dynamic or tight static bending
  • HDI construction w/ stacked & copper filled microvias in rigid sections (Up to 16 layers)