Celebrating the Lunar New Year in 2024

As we celebrate the Lunar New Year, a time of hope and renewal embraced by millions around the world, including our teams in Shanghai, Malaysia, and our U.S. employees with Chinese roots, we are reminded of the unity and diversity that define PICA. This festival, significant across cultures, offers a moment to appreciate our collective achievements and the varied backgrounds that enrich our work.

At our Kickoff meeting last week for 2024, we emphasized strategic directions crucial for our future: Growth, Manufacturing Diversification, and Talent Acquisition. These pillars are vital as we navigate the year ahead, seeking to broaden our operational horizons and strengthen our human capital.

Our team in Shanghai continues to push the boundaries of manufacturing excellence, while in Malaysia, the focus is on New Product Introduction and capacity ramp-up. Similarly, our U.S. colleagues continue to innovate and ensure customer satisfaction. These efforts are integral as we work towards growth, risk mitigation, and ensuring a robust supply chain with greater flexibility in response to global dynamics.

This Lunar New Year symbolizes a fresh start, perfectly aligning with our goals to grow sustainably, explore new manufacturing avenues, and attract diverse talent to our team. It’s a time to celebrate our 29 years of achievements and look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead.

Happy Lunar New Year to our global family. May this year bring us closer to achieving our strategic objectives, marked by prosperity, innovation, and a stronger, more diverse network of manufacturing solutions.