Fineline Flex PCB Capabilities

At PICA, we offer advanced design of Fineline Flex Printed Circuit Board (PCB) using state-of-the-art technology. Below are our capabilities in Technology – Laser Direct Imaging and LDI Advantages. For more information on Line Width & Spacing, and PICA LDI Process Capabilities, please fill out the form below to request the full PDF capabilities download or click the button to contact a PICA engineer.

Technology - Laser Direct Imaging

LDI systems “imprint” the printed circuit board (PCB) pattern directly on blank panels, without the use of a photo tool, thus bypassing the image-related stages associated with traditional contact printing, while providing an superior imaging method.

LDI Advantages

  • Fine Line Spacing Capability
  • Improve dimensional stability, and high positional accuracy of the circuit platform
  • Improve Production Yield
  • Short Production Cycle

Traditional Process

LDI Process

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