Rigid Flex Printed Circuit Boards Capabilities

At PICA, we offer advanced design of Rigid Flex Printed Circuit Board using state-of-the-art technology. Below are our capabilities in Technology, Materials, and Pattern & Holes. For more information on Surface Finishing, please fill out the form below to request the full PDF capabilities download or click the button to contact a PICA engineer.


  • Rigid Sections Up to 40 layers, 0.25 – 8mm (Application Dependent)
  • Flex Layers Up to 32 Layers, 0.05 – 0.35mm (Application Dependent)
  • Cut-Back/Selective Coverlayer or Soldermask
  • Air Gap Constructions (Flexibility)
  • Epoxy Fillet Strain Relief
  • Impedance Control (TDR Testing & Verification)
  • High Frequency Signals
  • Resistance Control
  • High Power


  • FR4 Min Tg130 .C, 150 .C, 170 .C & 180 .C, Td>335 .C
  • Low-Flow Adhesive & No-Flow FR4 Prepreg
  • Halogen Free, ROHS & REACH Compliant
  • UL 94 V-0 Approved
  • Flex Layers: PI – Adhesive: Epoxy Acrylic – Adhesiveless
  • Copper: Electrodeposited (ED), Rolled Annealed (RA)
  • Shielding: EMI fi lm, Silver (Ag) Ink, Copper Plane

Patterns & Holes

  • Space & Trace: 50μm (2 mils)
  • Copper Thickness Inner: 1/2 – 2oz Outer: 1/3 – 4oz 
  • 0.15mm (.006”) Drilled Through-Holes
  • HDI Capability
  • Blind Vias and Buried Vias, 0.076mm (3.0mils) Laser Vias
  • Via In Pad, Filled Vias, Stacked Vias
  • Resin or Copper Paste Plug Hole dia. ratio: 15:1
  • Pattern & Button Plate
  • 4+N+4 Max. Stack

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