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PICA solves your technical problems via proven methods and broad experience.

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Signal Integrity

Maintaining Signal Integrity in your flexible circuits is crucial to understand the design and construction options available.  PICA’s early involvement during the initial phases of development can help produce a circuit that’s focused on maintaining your specific signal requirements while taking all aspects of your application into consideration. PICA can also work with our customers to review, analyze and correct many existing designs that have either failed to maintain the desired signal integrity or have not considered the application or manufacturability of the circuit.

Thermal Management

Thermal management of printed circuit cards for applications that give off a lot of heat can be challenging. PICA’s technical team can help with:

  • Material Selection
  • Construction and design
  • Adhesive choice and lamination processes

Aluminum, copper or other specialty products can be used to effectively remove heat.

Copper Cores
  • Plane layer can be designed to be active
  • Excellent heat transfer properties
  • Adds weight to finished board
Aluminum Cores /Substrates
  • Passive planes
  • Good heat transfer properties
  • Light weight
  • Cost effective
Specialty Materials
  • DuPont CooLam – High temp applications, bendable, good heat transfer
  • Totking Aluminum back materials -Good heat transfer, cost effective


Flexible Circuit Heaters are used in a variety of applications to do exactly what the name implies: provide heat.  For example, the medical industry might use a heater circuit to keep a solution warm during analysis; a hand-held device might need a heater on the back of the LCD to keep it working in all conditions; a high-end inkjet printhead might need a heater circuit bonded to the reservoir to keep the ink flowing.

PICA Manufacturing Solutions can provide single layer as well as double-sided Flexible Heater Circuits by combining a traditional copper layer with a constantan heater element. Our design capabilities enable us to provide the calculations necessary to create the heater element, as well as offer the appropriate electrical test parameters for manufacturing.

Flex Assembly

The nature of flexible circuits is to be thin, light and flexible, which presents unique challenges during the assembly process. PICA’s solution is to work in the early stages of development to optimize the design features (e.g. pad size, spacing, component location etc.) and improve manufacturability. PICA will also participate in panelization and local rigidizing.

Companies that design custom flex circuits must consider the design impact on the downstream assembly technologies. It is essential to provide quality, cost effectiveness and application functionality. Early PICA involvement in design ensures fewer problems during manufacturing, lower costs, higher quality and overall customer satisfaction.

Static & Dynamic Flexing

Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC) are becoming thinner, lighter and more flexible to respond to the growing demand for miniaturization, tight folding and dynamic bending. PICA’s technologies offer exceptional freedom in designing ever more complex products for ever more extreme applications.  The flexibility of the FPC challenges the designer to stay within the capabilities of the substrate when applications require static and or dynamic bending. The bend radius is the primary reliability parameter which must be addressed. The radius of the bend must be increased as the thickness of the FPC increases.  Static and bend-to-fit applications offer greater degrees of freedom than dynamic bending when considering the bend radius. Dynamic bending that requires the outer layers to transition from tension to compression are the most severe conditions.

PICA engineering through its Early Supplier Involvement support is uniquely qualified to assist the customer in determining the proper construction, circuit configuration and minimum bend radius required for the application.