Flex and Rigid Flex Printed Circuit Boards

Flex and Rigid Flex Printed Circuit Boards

Product/Tech Description
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  • August 18, 2023

Flex PCBs:

Flex PCBs are made of flexible materials such as polyimide or polyester. They can bend and twist or fold to fit tight or irregular spaces. They typically consists of multiple layers of conductive traces and insulating layers. They are preferred for their excellent flexibility and lightweight nature.

Rigid Flex PCBs:

Rigid Flex PCBs combine both rigid and flexible technologies. They consists of flexible layers, like this found in flex PCBs as well as rigid sections made of standard FR4 and other rigid materials. The rigid sections provide support and stability while the flexible sections allow for bending and flexing.


Space Saving: They can be designed to fit into compact and irregularly shaped spaces saving valuable real estate in electronic devices.

Improved Reliability: The absence of connectors and interconnecting cables found in traditional PCB designs reduces the risk of connection failure and improves overall reliability.

Increased Durability: They are highly resistant to vibrations, shocks and mechanical stress making them suitable for applications with demanding operating environments.

Weight Reduction: The are very lightweight helping the reduce the overall weight of the device they go into.

Design Freedom: They offer the designers greater flexibility compared to rigid boards. They allow for three-dimensional configurations, bending and folding enabling the creation of innovative and space-saving designs.


Consumer Electronics: They are used in smartphones, tablets, wearable devices and other portable electronics where space and weight savings are critical.

Medical Devices: They are used in devices such as pacemakers, hearing aids and medical implants as well as numerous diagnostic devices due to their flexibility and biocompatibility.

Automotive: They are used in control systems, lighting, and entertainment systems where they can conform to the shape of the vehicle and withstand vibrations.

Industrial Equipment: They are used in industrial control systems, robotics, and sensors where they can withstand harsh environments and offer space-saving and weight benefits.

Defense AerospaceThey are used in satellites, missiles, and other defense systems due to their ability to withstand extreme conditions and vibration resistance.

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