Flexible (PCB) Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers

Printed circuit boards consist of rigid and flexible substrate laminated together into a single circuit. Plated through holes provide the electrical connection between the different layers. printed circuit boards are very complex; they require high levels of skills and knowledge in flexible and rigid materials selections and related manufacturing processes.

It is also an expensive technology and PICA’s engineers are trained to help the customers improving their designs and construction of printed circuit boards  to make it more cost effective and reliable.

Special Features & Performances

  • Heavy copper weight
  • Thin core constructions (< 10mil)
  • Metal clad
  • HDI/Sequential Lamination
  • Fine Pitch SMD / BGAs
  • Via in pad
  • Impedance controlBlind and buried via

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Special Processes

  • Control depth Drilling / Routing
  • Laser drilled vias
  • Resin filled vias (conductive / non-conductive)
  • Copper plugged micro-vias
  • Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) print process
  • Multiple RoHS compliant finishes
  • Printed carbon resistors