PICA Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. (PMS) Supports Key Medical Customers In COVID-19 Response

Ventilators have become one of the most sought-after medical devices during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, they are not the only items needed by hospitals. PICA Manufacturing Solutions (PICA) has been fortunate enough to be able to assist two medical customers as they work to expedite medical equipment for the US government and hospital systems.

One of our customers is working to ramp up production dramatically from their pre-virus planning. PICA worked with this manufacturer during the product development to provide an impedance flex circuit cable solution for high-speed signals required by their latest offering. Having worked closely with our customers during the initial development of the device, we are now able to ramp up production considerably. We have full confidence in our ability to meet the tight schedule required to deliver these sought after devices.

While an ill patient in ICU may need a ventilator, they could also require additional medical instruments to support their recovery process. Another PICA customer is working urgently to supply these devices to hospitals in response to the current pandemic, along with any other possible occurrence. PICA provides several flex circuits and assemblies used to connect multiple sensors and control actuators on this particular device. PICA has always worked closely with this customer using our sourcing and logistics capability to manage the supply chain and maintain a small inventory for pulling on a Kanban basis. Unfortunately, these inventories have been exhausted due to the severity of the pandemic. Despite this, we are communicating closely with our customer and the entire supply chain to meet the needed volume increases and expedited timelines.

While our customer’s needs are top of mind for us, it is especially fulfilling to be part of a team that is working to deliver products that have a profound impact for those in dire need.