Malaysia Rebranding Launch

On Sept 13, 2023, our Malaysia team hosted their Rebranding Launch party to commemorate the future of PICA and to celebrate their three years together as a Pica family! The joyous moments were further heightened with the lion dance performance right after the revealing of the new Pica logo. 

The Lion Dance is a well-known Chinese folk tradition and essential part of any auspicious occasions. The performance throws positive impact on our company and employees, symbolizing peace, and tranquillity in the office environment. The lion eating and spitting the green lettuce, is another symbolic gesture that brings good luck, prosperity, and great blessings to the occasion. Our employees were truly elated with the performance and receiving their oranges after the lion dance. The ceremony ended with “Huat ah! Heng ah! Ong ah!”- Good luck and prosperity to PICA Malaysia!!