PCB Flat Flex Cable

Flat Flex Cable (FFC) is made of flat high-ductility conductors laminated between layers of dielectric material. The dielectric insulation material is generally either polyester or polyimide.  Flat flexible cable can be flexed millions of times, folded into any configuration and can be EMI shielded if necessary. Designed for board-to-board interconnections in electronics. They are compatible with LIF, ZIF, and crimped connector systems.

PICA Manufacturing Solutions can provide customized flat flexible cable assemblies incorporating folds, shields, punching, marking or other mechanical assembly.

Flat Flexible Cable

Flat Flexible Cable (FFC) Benefits

  • Provides a high density of connections in a thin flexible profile
  • Eliminates soldering and speeds production on assembly lines
  • Offers millions of cycles to failure in high flexing applications such as print heads or clock spring mechanisms
  • Can be made in custom configurations combining data lines and power lines. Sections of cable can be cut and folded to make harnesses fitting specific applications

Flat Flexible Cable (FFC) Special Processes

  • Black color insulation available if desired for optics or aesthetics
  • Shielding one or both sides: silver ink, or metal foil material with ground traces tied to the shield to isolate individual or groups of conductors
  • Gold plating the exposed conductor allows for similar metallization between the cable and the connector
  • LVDS capable designs
  • Folding, bending, and mechanical assembly customization
  • Locking tab features for improved mechanical strength & electrical connection