Long flexible printed circuits (FPC) use to be cost prohibitive and technically challenging.

This is no longer the case, PICA has the solution!

The length of the flexible printed circuits falls out of the standard process panel size. To solve this problem, PICA uses standard flat flexible cable with IDC pins and housings to connect over an area of 26″ to an assembled flexible printed circuit.

Long Flexible Circuit

We call this the hybrid solution!

Hybrids circuits are made up of a combination of flat flexible cable, flat flexible circuit and any other end point needed to get you from point A to point B (maximum 500 ft.). In this case it allowed our client to connect two critical functions on their unit as well as giving them the needed service loop for the installation process.

The product was redesigned with PICA’s solution and the customer is still grateful for the cost saving.

This is just one way that Pica offers simple solutions to help clients solve complex problems.

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