How to Receive Fast Flexible PCB Quotes

10 items you need to receive fast and accurate flex PCB quotes.

These items apply to printed circuit boardflex circuit assembly, and flex PCB quotes.

  1. Electronic CAD files in RS-274X extended Gerber format
  2. Mechanical drawing with tolerances
  3. Stack-up drawing
  4. Technical specifications (if different than IPC-6012 or IPC-601)
  5. Array drawing or maximum array size (if part is to be provided as a multiple up panel)
  6. Application conditions and special requirements
  7. Expected lead-time or expected delivery date
  8. Bill of Material (if component assembly required)
  9. Reliability test requirements
  10. Electrical and/or functional test requirements

Don’t start your new project on the wrong foot, supply as many of these items as possible.

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