Design & Engineering

PICA assists in design & engineering for manufacturing, material selection, tooling fabrication and proof of concept.

In recent years the pace of electronic technologies has accelerated to a point where it’s almost impossible to stay up to date with the newest options. Suppliers have responded by improving raw materials, manufacturing processes and component performance.

Design engineers are under a lot of pressure to accommodate the demands of marketing, engineering and purchasing while making the products smaller, lighter, thinner and cheaper. They’re also expected to take advantage of all the new technologies on the market.

At the crossroad between concept and manufacturing, PICA is strategically positioned to assist your engineers with their designs and electronic solutions.  PICA uses the following software:  CAM 350, AutoCad and IGI PROFLEX.

Design & Engineering

Material Science

Materials are one of the most critical components of Electronic Interconnect products.

  • Interact with a large majority of your manufacturing processes.
  • Dictate most of the mechanical, electrical and thermal performance of the product.
  • Determine compliance to regional and international environmental laws and regulations.
  • Are often the dominant cost driver.

We encourage customers to include us in a technical review of their projects while they are still in the design stage.  It allows us to provide valuable feedback on design for manufacturability (DFM) and design for application (DFA) prior to a prototype run.

Engineers who may be overwhelmed by the multitude of properties such as glass transition temperature, thermal expansion, peel strength, volume resistivity, surface resistivity, moisture absorption, dielectric breakdown, loss tangent and flexural strength will be relieved to rely on PICA’s extensive knowledge of material science.

Concept Development & Knowledge

Many customers have eliminated capabilities outside their core competency, and seek the support of strategic suppliers during the development stage. PICA concept development resources provide, involvement in the early product innovation activities to avoid later pitfalls and prevent unnecessary delays.

PICA relies on the broad experience of our engineers in North America & Asia to assist our customers in selecting the most cost-effective materials on the market. We guide design engineers through the complex industry classifications that combine dielectric resins, reinforcement materials, conductive metal and other adhesives.

Front-End Engineering

It is common for a design to be done in one location and manufactured in another. This transition from a “one up” design to the manufacturing process is called front-end engineering. It has a direct impact on manufacturability, productivity, yield, cost and even capacity.

The various elements of front-end engineering include the following:

  • Single image edit
  • DFM enhancements
  • Panel array and material utilization (PICA excels at “nesting” odd shape FPC’s)
  • Definition of the Process Flow with critical manufacturing and inspection instructions
  • Creation of manufacturing tooling including artworks, laser/drilling/routing programs, soft/hard tool, screens, test fixtures, jigs